Google and Amping the Pressure in the Ad Fire Hose

December 7, 2017

Screen real estate for mobile devices is limited. The number of queries on desktop boat anchor computers has flat lined, even for “real” researchers. What’s the fix?

A partial answer may appear in “Improving Search and Discovery on Google.” I learned from the write up:

  • More related searches. Google helps a busy person consider alternative ways of obtaining needed information.
  • Featured snippets. Google decides what’s important so a busy person does not have to think or assess too much.
  • Knowledge panels. Google helps a user obtain “real” knowledge. No thinking required.

Each of these search boosters allow Google to line up and display more advertising. Each time one clicks or swipes, Google obtains another item of data to allow its system to “predict” what a user wants and needs.

Now that’s relevance. Ads and feedback.

Why? To the user, search is just “there.” To Google, it’s a way to consume that Adwords inventory in my opinion.

Relevance? What could be more relevant than information which makes thinking easy?

Keep the money flowing in I say.

Stephen E Arnold, December 7, 2017


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