Pinterest Searches Now Powered by Dollars

December 15, 2017

Oh, Pinterest why did it take you so long?  Search Engine Watch shares the long awaited and non-surprising news that: “Pinterest Moves Into Paid Search: What You Need To Know.”  If you have a craft, design, decoration, wedding, book, dog, clothing, etc. business, then Pinterest Ads Manager is now open for business and ready to host your ads.  Pinterest hopes that its new ad platform will deliver a competitive advertising experience similar to Google AdWords.

This announcement comes at the end of a lengthy campaign to get the product right, with early partners including eBay, Target, and bid management platform Kenshoo. The newly released self-serve paid search platform provides the same experience these early partners have enjoyed, without the need to go through Pinterest or a third party to get started. The Ads Manager allows brands to create and optimize their promoted Pins and will also track and report on campaign performance.

Pinterest has long desired to monetize its search and the image-driven social platform is perfect to suggest products and services to consumers.  Monetizing search has its own unique challenges, but they are practically the same ones Facebook had when they launched their own ad platform.  Pinterest used its statistics to lure potential advertisers:

          97% of Pinterest searches are non-branded

There are now over 200 million Pinterest users (up from 150

million in 2016)

More than 2 billion searches take place on Pinterest each                    month

75% of all Pins saved by users come from businesses.

Pinterest heavily borrowed search ideas from other social networks, such as the keyword targeting.  However, Pinterest wants to be seen as a separate and highlight its unique features as different Google’s AdWords.  It is another market to target users and get attention to products.  It is brand new and exactly the same!

Whitney Grace, December 15, 2017


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