Everyone Should Know the Term Cognitive Computing

December 19, 2017

Cognitive computing is a term everyone in the AI world should already be familiar with. If not, it’s time for a crash course. This is the DNA of machine learning and it is a fascinating field, as we learned from a recent Information Age story, “RIP Enterprise Search –AI-Based Cognitive Insight is the Future.”

According to the story:

The future of search is linked directly to the emergence of cognitive computing, which will provide the framework for a new era of cognitive search. This recognizes intent and interest and provides structure to the content, capturing more accurately what is contained within the text.


Context is king, and the four key (NOTE: We only included the most important two) elements of context detection are as follows:


Who – which user is looking for information? What have they looked for previously and what are they likely to be interested in finding in future? Who the individual is key as to what results are delivered to them.
What – the nature of the information is also highly important. Search has moved on from structured or even unstructured text within documents and web pages. Users may be looking for information in any number of different forms, from data within databases and in formats ranging from video and audio, to images and data collected from the internet-of-things (IOT).

Who and what is incredibly important, but that might be putting the cart before the horse. First, we must convince CEOs how important AI is to their business…any business. Thankfully, folks like Huffington Post are already ahead of us and rallying the troops.

Patrick Roland, December 19, 2017



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