Google Images Staring down Some Steep Competition

January 5, 2018

When we are looking for photos online Google Images has become a sort of shorthand for tracking down pics quick. The folks in Mountain View don’t want you to think much about its shortcomings. However, that topic is bubbling up to the surface, as we saw in a recent Free Technology for Teachers story, “5 Good Alternatives to Google Image Search.”

According to the story:

Google Images tends to be the default image search tool of students and adults who haven’t been introduced to better options. Google Images is convenient, but it’s not the best place for students to find images that are in the public domain or images that have been labeled with a Creative Commons license.

One they recommend is:

Unsplash offers a huge library of images that are either in the public domain or have a Creative Common license. If you or your students are using Google Slides, the Unsplash add-on for Google Slides makes it easy to quickly take images from Unsplash and add them to your slides. Watch my video embedded below to see how the Unsplash add-on for Google Slides works.

This should be a wakeup call for Google. The tech giant seems to have a new balloon popped every day. We love competition and we love leaders reinventing themselves to better meet client needs. We consider this to be a win-win no matter how you slice it.

Patrick Roland, January 5, 2018


3 Responses to “Google Images Staring down Some Steep Competition”

  1. AppValley on January 21st, 2018 3:37 pm

    I recently discovered Unsplash, well I must say it can be a good competition to Google Images.

  2. Tweakbox on January 21st, 2018 3:38 pm

    Been using Google Images as my default search method but guess it’s time for a change finally. Very informative article Stephen, thanks a lot for writing.

  3. Test Dpc on January 21st, 2018 3:39 pm

    Unsplash is really a good search engine especially for photographic inspiration because when you enter the site you will be presented with so many beautiful photos I just love using their search engine.

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