News Corp. and Google: Glass Houses and Stone Throwing

February 12, 2018

I read “News Corp Executives Say Google and Facebook Created Dysfunctional, Debased Online Environment.” Let’s assume that the information is “real” news and actual factual.

The write up states:

News Corp. chief executive officer Robert Thomson slammed Google and Facebook for what he calls a “dysfunctional” and “debased” online environment that harms traditional media, according to a variety of published reports. The criticism came Thursday, as News Corp. announced its quarterly earnings, France 24 reported. Efforts by the two online giants to reduce misinformation and improve online news were only “modest steps toward changing a digital environment that is dysfunctional at its core,” Thomson said.

I like the phrase “dysfunctional at its core.”

I would point out these pieces of information which did not make it into the “real” news story:

  • Phone and email hacking in the UK
  • Fox news personnel in interesting situations
  • News Corp. management succession activity

“Dysfunctional” means, according to the Wiktionary, not performing its proper or intended function or functioning incorrectly or abnormally; especially, designating of a business, family or social group with harmful, aberrant, strange or abnormal behavior.

As I noted in the headline, “glass houses” and “stones.” I don’t have the energy for “debased.”

Stephen E Arnold, February 12, 2018


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