Vendors Serving the eDiscovery Sector Get a Boost

May 22, 2018

Online forensics and eDiscovery are in a state of serious change. Many people are unaware of the federal changes that occurred in this world, but those in the industry are struggling to catch up. We discovered what the most recent change means in an eDiscovery Law and Tech Blog story, “A Rule 902(14) Process of Digital Authentication of Social Media Evidence Explained.”

According to the story:

“FRE 902(14) provides that electronic data recovered ‘by a process of digital identification’ is to be self-authenticating, thereby not routinely necessitating the trial testimony of a forensic or technical expert where best practices are employed. Instead, such properly collected electronic evidence can be certified through a written declaration by a ‘qualified person,’ attesting that they verified the hash value of an offered item of electronic evidence and that it was identical to the original.”

Consider the terabytes of data that is saved on social media, blogs, websites and all the other nooks and crannies online. It’s such a big terrain that attorneys and others needing to utilize eDiscovery simply can’t navigate it. This is the dawn of a new business model, according to some experts, like PageVault which is a “provider of web capture solutions, offers in-house software and vendor services to easily capture, preserve and authenticate web content such as webpages, websites, social media, videos, images, and documents.” Seems like wherever the federal government creates a door, ingenuity creates a window.

Patrick Roland, May 22, 2018


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