Mobile Search: The Google Focus

May 28, 2018

SEO is the ultimate moving target. Just as you get a hunch about what algorithms are looking for in order to boost rankings, the algorithms and parameters change and you practically have to start from scratch. It’s a convoluted world to navigate fresh and we were pleased to find a really competent explanation of the latest landscape change, the Mobile First Index, in a recent Search Engine Watch story, “Google’s Mobile First Index: Six Actions to Minimize Risk and Maximize Ranking Opportunities.”

According to the story:

“In any period of uncertainty there are opportunities to take advantage of and risks to manage – and in competitive SEO niches, taking every chance to get ahead is important… “Whatever your starting point – the mobile-first index is the new normal in SEO, and now is the time to get to grips with the challenge – and potential.”

Your starting point, it seems, should involve voice search. Another compelling article makes the point that the ideal pairing of Mobile First Indexing is voice search. Watch for this massive shift to happen rapidly. Critics have been eyeing the future of voice search for a while and now the pieces are finally in place.

Old fashioned keyword search seems to be less and less relevant.

Patrick Roland, May 28, 2018


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