Technology Giants and Incentive: No Payoff in Bias

September 26, 2018

I read “Google, Facebook, Twitter Have No Incentive to Inject Bias, Tech Industry Group Says.” Interesting write up because the Information Technology and innovative Foundation or ITIF seems like an objective outfit. I noted this statement in the write up:

The Justice Department should back off its unseemly political attacks on social media platforms. Policymakers should continue to employ a light touch regulatory approach so consumers can benefit from the platforms’ continued growth and innovation.

Sounds reasonable. The timing is, of course, coincidental. Why would the information appear before hearings about privacy and security take place.

Here in Harrod’s Creek we trust social media companies and we think that the technology supported non profit is even more trustworthy. Get with the program, one old geezer here in rural Kentucky said. But that person believes in self regulation even thought the fellow struggles to control his bourbon intake.

Unseemly for sure.

Stephen E Arnold, September 26, 2018


One Response to “Technology Giants and Incentive: No Payoff in Bias”

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