Google Plus: A Moment of Contemplation and Reflection

October 24, 2018

If you miss Google Plus, you will want to read “Goodbye, Google+: A Eulogy for the Last Great Social Network.”

Here’s my favorite part of the write up:

Over its 20-year history, Google has succeeded wildly with products in a great many businesses: Search, Gmail, YouTube, Android and others. But it tends to fail with products that involve public social interaction. In fact, it’s earned a reputation as something of a social site serial killer. High-profile failures include Orkut, Buzz, and Wave. But even more obscure social properties also got “sunsetted” by Google: Spaces, Profiles, Wildfire, Jaiku, Schemer, Lively, Hello, Dodgeball, Aardvark, Friend Connect, Latitude, Talk, Helpouts and others.

Hell-pouts? Hmm.

Image result for crash and burn

The write up finds much to like in Google Plus. Obviously the author was in the minority because Facebook remained unphased by Google Plus. With lots of Xooglers working at Facebook, why worry? These sneaker wearers knew what “putting wood behind Google Plus” really meant I hypothesize.

The main point of the write up is that Google Plus was super in 2014. As each year tumbled by, the meh factor increased.

So, Google Plus? Meh, who cares.

Stephen E Arnold, October 24, 2018


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