Big Data NLP Search Engine

November 10, 2018

Adding natural language processing to big data search engines is not new, but new advances related to the technology are something to watch. Beta News reports that there are, “New Tools Bring Natural Language Search To Big Data.” The opener tells us something we have known for years: that organizations need quick, easy, and accurate search engines and if you do not have them it hinders business. The visual analytics company Arcadia Data has a new business information and analytics search tool in its enterprise suite Arcadia Enterprise.

Arcadia Data describes its new search tool akin to DuckDuckGo, Google, or Bing, except in an enterprise shell. All of the prior listed search engines use natural language processing in their search queries and return search results with quick and decent accuracy. The Arcadia Enterprise search tool responds to natural language questions and responds with visualizations based on size data sets. The Arcadia Enterprise search will also include:

“Features include AI-driven type-ahead and suggestion capabilities that recommend related questions users may be interested in. Arcadia Enterprise also scores questions against all datasets in the system. The best answer is displayed immediately, and a list of other possible answers with lower scores are shown as well. As users click on alternative answers, the system learns that those results are potentially more relevant to the typed question. Users can start with a simple search bar and then as they become more familiar with the system move into a detailed set of advanced BI interfaces to build and deploy data applications.”

Arcadia Data is offering a search tool that will be beneficial in a BI enterprise system and is necessary given the reliance on technology.

Whitney Grace, September 10, 2018


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