Google Struggles with Indexing?

November 14, 2018

You probably know that Google traffic was routed to China. The culprit was something obvious. In this case, Nigeria. Yep, Nigeria. You can read about the mistake that provided some interesting bits and bytes to the Middle Kingdom. Yeah, I know. Nigeria. “A Nigerian Company Is in Trouble with Google for Re-Routing Traffic to Russia, China” provides some allegedly accurate information.

But the major news I noted here in Harrod’s Creek concerned Google News and its indexing. Your experience may be different from mine, but Google indexing can be interesting. I was looking for an outfit identified as Inovatio, which is a university anchored outfit in China. The reference to Inovatio in Google aimed me at a rock band and a design company in Slovenia. Google’s smart search system changed Inovatio to innovation even when I used quote marks. I did locate the Inovatio operation using a Chinese search engine. I was able to track which listed Inovatio and provided the university affiliation to allow me to get some info about an outfit providing surveillance and intercept services to countries in need of this capability.

Google. Indexing. Yeah.

Google News Publishers Complaining About Indexing Issues” highlights another issue with the beloved Google. I learned:

In the past few days there has been an uptick in complaints from Google News publishers around Google not indexing their new news content. Gary Illyes from Google did a rare appearance on Twitter to say he passed along the feedback to the Google News team to investigate. You can scan through the Google News Help forums and see a nice number of complaints. Also David Esteve, the SEO at the Spanish newspaper El Confidencial, posted his concerns on Twitter.

The good news is that the write up mentions that this indexing glitch is a known issue.

Net net: Many people with whom I speak believe that Google’s index is comprehensive, timely, and consistent.

Yeah, also smart because Inovatio is really innovation.

Stephen E Arnold, November 14, 2018


3 Responses to “Google Struggles with Indexing?”

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