Google Exits Robots or Replicants

November 15, 2018

Remember Google’s Boston Dynamics unit. That was the outfit with the robot reindeer. Perfect for pre school parties. I learned today that the ever frisky Andy Rubin’s last non humanoid fling has turned off the lights. The news appeared in “Google Shuts Down Bipedal Robot Team Schaft.”

This outfit was Schaft. It too made child friendly robots like this one:


Google now wants to create non humanoid robots. The decision means that robot rentals for children’s parties will not contribute to the company’s 2019 revenue.


“Hello, kids, let’s party,” says the Google Schaft thing.

If the party needs a bit of life, Schaft things can play hide and seek in the field near the pre school. That sounds like a good idea. Here’s Schaft approaching a three year old child cowering in a field behind a clump of grass.


High school science club thinking may be maturing. Think of those disappointed pre schoolers.

Stephen E Arnold, November 15, 2018


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