Facebook: Learning about Cricket As Played by Parliament

November 26, 2018

I say when one learns cricket, the first concept to grasp is:

When you’re in you’re out; and when you’re out, you’re in.

Jolly good, right?

The British parliament is now playing cricket against Facebook, not India, not Pakistan, and not the quite acceptable Aussies.

Its Parliament versus the high school science club, once in search of companionship.

Facebook is going to have companionship going forward. Cricket matches can last longer than clicking through a Facebook item on a mobile phone.

The scope of the match has been sketched in broad outlines in “Parliament Seizes Cache of Facebook Internal Papers.”

The idea is to put a top bowler on the field versus the youthful geniuses who have sparked some controversy about Brexit, Trump, Russian disinformation, and other other sleeping policemen on the information highway.

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The write up mentions that the trove of data includes “confidential emails between senior executives and correspondence with Zuckerburg.”

Yes, email, that omnipresent method of communication which often leaves some buggers gobsmacked.

The motivation for the document seizure was:

MPs leading the inquiry into fake news have repeatedly tried to summon Zuckerberg to explain the company’s actions. He has repeatedly refused. Collins said this reluctance to testify, plus misleading testimony from an executive at a hearing in February, had forced MPs to explore other options for gathering information about Facebook operations.

Will these documents become public? Facebook will try to throw a spanner in the works. Abso-bloody-loot-ly.

Will this slow the speed of the cricket ball? No. But Facebook will try to block because a full blooded swing might allow the bouncer to strike the Facebooker in the twigs and berries.

Can anoraks with gray T shirts be considered proper uniforms?

Stephen E Arnold, November 26, 2018


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