Adding Some Zest to Statistics

December 20, 2018

We live in a world of statistics. It seems nearly everything is run on analytics, and AI, and algorithms. So, it’s no surprise, that there has never been a more important time to understand the world of numbers and computing than today. Luckily, there are resources available to users, like the recent Data Science Central story, “21 Statistical Concepts Explained in Simple English.”

According to the piece:

“This resource is part of a series on specific topics related to data science: regression, clustering, neural networks, deep learning, decision trees, ensembles, correlation, Python, R, Tensorflow, SVM, data reduction, feature selection, experimental design, cross-validation, model fitting, and many more.”

Sounds pretty good from where we’re sitting. We are living in confusing times and any way in which we can become better equipped to deal with complex theories is a plus. There is actually a really exciting subculture developing around the idea of simplifying complex statistical ideas in technology. For instance, we’ve been really hooked on these different podcasts that are aimed a individuals just beginning to learn about data science. We applaud any way that makes the world of complex computing more inviting and universal.

A brave new world indeed.

Patrick Roland, December 20, 2018


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