DIY Neural Network Could Be First Step In Big Change

December 21, 2018

The once complex is beginning to become easy.

Data scientists make a lot of comparisons between the network of neurons in our brain and the way big data search operates. We tend to think that’s a pretty good comparison. So, when we discovered someone came up with a way to build a neural network from scratch, the armchair brain surgeon in us couldn’t resist. We learned more from a recent Toward Data Science piece, “How to Build Your Own Neural Network from Scratch in Python.”

According to the piece:

“Motivation: As part of my personal journey to gain a better understanding of Deep Learning, I’ve decided to build a Neural Network from scratch without a deep learning library like TensorFlow. I believe that understanding the inner workings of a Neural Network is important to any aspiring Data Scientist.”

Neural networks have become big news lately. While some people are being encouraged to construct their own at home, other major news outlets like Forbes are writing in-depth pieces about what, exactly, they are for folks who aren’t data scientists. Is this the neural network’s mainstream moment? Will it soon become as ubiquitous as search engines? Time will tell, but putting more power like this in the hands of everyday people is never a bad thing.

Patrick Roland, December 21, 2018


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