Cyber Saturday, January 26, 2019

January 26, 2019

Information about the world of government centric information makes headlines. Usually one or two stories a week make it into the trade journals or on the talking head TV shows.

This morning was an exception.

If you a follower of cloak-and-dagger, cat-and-mouse style adventures, you may be interested in these stories.

Kremlin Secrets Maybe?

DDoSecrets (an acronym for Distributed Denial of Secrets) points to gigabytes of Kremlin related data. You can find the links at this tweet for now. Once the data are taken down, you may have to do your own sleuthing. You will need to be wise in the ways of Tor, however.

Facebook and Message Encryption

Worried about your Facebook Messenger and Instagram posts being viewed by someone other than the recipient. Like WhatsApp, the company will be rolling out end to end encryption before the end of 2019. Will this move make government authorities gathering information for an investigation happy? Will more countries adopt Australia-style backdoor regulations? This is an important development. Is Facebook sufficiently organized to make this happen? Details appear in the New York Times’ story “Zuckerberg Plans to Integrate WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger.” This is also a story which may be pay walled.

Journalists Targeted

Writing real news — whether behind a pay wall or not — may be risky. According to the Association Press, an outfit which frightens me when I even consider quoting a sentence — some of the people at Citizen Lab have been under pressure as a result of their reporting. The subject? NSO, an cyber security firm, and the Khashoggi matter. Navigate to this link.

Better Filtering

Some may call Google You Tube recommendations censorship. I am not sure what to call Google’s actions. The company is a bit of a waffler on most things except selling online advertisements and chastising me because I disabled Google Play on one of my Android test mobile phones. According to the Guardian, YouTube will back off suggesting conspiracy theory videos. What’s a conspiracy theory video? Good question which Google assumes it can answer.

From my point of view, Dark cyber has become mainstream. Interesting.

Stephen E Arnold, January 26, 2019


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