The Web at 30: An Unfixable Situation?

March 4, 2019

I read “As the Web Turns 30, Is It an Out-of-Control Monster’?” The answer to the question is in the article and expressed as a quotation attributed to Francois Fluckiger, “who took charge of the web team after Berners-Lee left for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1994.”

The write up points out that the three major inventions of the 20th century which enabled our “digital society” were:

  1. The Web
  2. Internet protocol
  3. Google’s search algorithms

I also circled:

But he [Fluckiger] lamented the “online bullying, fake news, and mass hysteria” that flourish online as well as threats to privacy. “One has to ask oneself if we did not, in the end, create a completely out-of-control monster.”

What’s the fix? None stated. Interesting.

Stephen E Arnold, March 4, 2019


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