Intelligence Community Braces for AI-Generated Fake People

April 4, 2019

AI trouble comes in all shapes and sizes. Chatbots have been around so long, they seem to have become a generic term. More recently, the news that fake videos can be produced of famous people saying, well, anything have surfaced. But a new, more subtle threat looms in the act of making realistic photos of non-existent people. We learned more about this odd threat in the Mashable article, “This Website Uses AI to Generate Faces of People Who Don’t Really Exist.”

According to the story:

“As for the societal impact of this technology, Wang said the more people are aware of it, the better they can be prepared for these images…A powerful enough GAN [the face making technology] could be used to create an image of a loved one, which could be used for manipulation, he said. Or a big enough dataset could be used to create all sorts of realistic images, from scratch.”

We assumed that Google’s external AI board might have provided some insight, ideas, and inspiration with regard to digital manipulations. It seems, however, that the AI board has become mired in in-fighting. Real, not fake.

That’s real, which throws a bit of water on the idea of figuring out what’s false.

Patrick Roland, April 4, 2019


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