Factualities for April 10, 2019

April 10, 2019

Yes, data, information, anecdata, and good old marketing. Believe these outputs… or not.

74. Number of groups on Facebook selling hacking tools, stolen credit card information, and other products associated with the Dark Web. Source: Cisco Talos

$900,000. Apple’s losses after two student in Oregon sold fake iPhones. Source: Business Telegraph

$45 million. Amount generated by an accountant by selling iPhones and iPads in an illegal manner. Source: Apple Insider

$44.1 million. The amount by which the accountant’s scam exceeded the students’ scam. Source: DarkCyber

$600 billion. The value of images stolen every day by online users. Source: Techdirt

60,000. Number of Android users whose phones had software which allowed a stalker to follow the target. Source: IT Wire

145,000. Number of data items in a UK police unit’s gang matrix. Source: The Register

$12 million. The amount Motel 6 will pay to the US government after improperly giving guest data to the US Government’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement unit. Source: NPR

300. Number of days since the Pentagon held a news conference. Source: National Interest

95 percent. The accuracy of IBM’s Watson technology when predicting when employees will quite. Source: CNBC

590 million. Number of résumés leaked by Chinese personnel firms. Source: Slashdot

190,410. Number of US people who lost their jobs in the first quarter of 2019. Axios

700,000. Number of people released from US prisons each year. Source: Big Think

$334 million. The amount VCs invested in blockchain startups in the first quarter of 2019. The amount invested in 2017 was $5.5 billion. Source: Technology Review

44. The number of banks “researching” blockchain technology. Source: Crypto Economy

2.7 million. Number of Americans getting Netflix DVDs via the US mail. Source: CNN

3,236. Number of Internet-delivering satellites Amazon will launch…soon. Source: Digital Trends

490,000. Number of MySpace tunes the Internet Archive recovered. Source: Digital Reader

$20. Amount paid to a person in Louisville, Kentucky, who allows a DNA sample to be taken. Source: Wave 3 TV News

26 minutes. The average amount of free time each day enjoyed by Americans. Source: Study Finds

Stephen E Arnold, April 10, 2019


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