How to Pronounce CLTRe

May 21, 2019

DarkCyber was able to figure out how to say the name “KnowBe4.” This company is in the cyber security business and it obviously offers technology which can let a person “know before” something bad happens and take appropriate remediation steps.

KnowBe4 purchased a company named “CLTRe.” Here’s the question:

How does one pronounce “CLTRe”? The problem is similar to figuring out what the letters of a vanity license plate “mean”.

Here’s an easy one:

Image result for vanity license plate

What about this?

Image result for vanity license plate

Okay, back to the problem: CLTRe.

The answer appears in “KnowBe4 to Acquire Norwegian Assessment Company CLTRe.”

The word is “culture.”

The business of CLTRe is to measure clients’ security preparedness.

According to the article:

KnowBe4 currently is integrating the CLTRe assessments into its platform, and does not plan to change its pricing as a result of the deal.

We also noted this statement:

This deal marks only the latest cybersecurity merger or acquisition in an industry that analysts predict will only continue to consolidate. The data backup service Carbonite in February acquired Webroot, and some $3 billion of investors’ dollars has been pumped into the industry so far this year…

Will KnowBe4 retain the name of the company it just acquired?

WDKBWHN. This means “we don’t know but we hope not.

Stephen E Arnold, May 21, 2019


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