Alphabet: Employees and Shareholders Allegedly Spell Trouble

June 18, 2019

CNBC continues to generate “real” news. The challenge for me is that CNBC is a television service. Take note because I read “Alphabet Investors and Employees Are Planning a Joint Demonstration at Shareholders’ Meeting.” The title suggests a predictive story; that is, the event described has not happened, and I am not confident in people who predict the future. But that’s just me.

According to the write up:

The groups will try to pressure company stakeholders and leaders to vote on proposals that ban non-disclosure agreements in harassment and discrimination cases and tie executive compensation to its diversity goals. Another includes a proposal to publish a human rights impact assessment for its potential search engine with China called Project Dragonfly.

The targets, in my opinion, are the more obvious examples of what I call “high school science club management methods.” These work as long as the science club is small, homogeneous, and dismissed by other students as individuals unlikely to be captain of the football team, president of the student council, or realize that there is some value is attending the prom with another humanoid.

We noted:

Google janitorial staff and community group Silicon Valley Rising will also be there to vocalize their concern over wage gaps and the residential effects of its imminent expansion into San Jose.

Yikes. Can HSSCMM deal with people like service personnel and people who are mostly invisible?

CNBC did not speculate. If the write up is on the money, DarkCyber believes that the GOOG will pay attention to those who stir up memories of things past.

Stephen E Arnold, June 18, 2019


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