Factualities for August 7, 2019

August 7, 2019

The summer doldrums have had no suppressing effect on those spreadsheet jockeys, wizards of pop up surveys, and latte charged predictors.

Here’s our fanciest number of the week. It comes from an outfit called The Next Web:

1 billion. The number of people who watch esports. Esports are video games. Does Amazon Twitch, Google YouTube, and Ninja’s new home report verifiable data? Yeah, sure. Source: TNW

There was a close race for craziest. We have recognized a runner up, however, we marveled at this figure:

13. Percentage of apps on the Google Play app store which have more than 1,000 installs. And 13 apps have more than 10 million users. (How many Android phones are there in the world? More than 2 billion, if NewZoo data are “sort of correct.”) Source: ZDNet

Here’s our “normal” rundown of factualities:

(20). The percentage decrease in malware. Source: Computing UK

12. Minutes per hour devoted to TV commercials on the AT&T owned Turner television network. Source: Los Angeles Times

$5. The amount Google paid people for permission to scan their faces. Source: The Verge

33. The percentage of businesses running Windows XP which was rolled out in 2001. Source: Slashdot

50. The percentage of companies which do not know if their security procedures are working. Source: IT Pro Portal

50. The percentage of the cloud market which Amazon has. Source: Marketwatch

50. The percentage of “workers” who was half their time struggling with data. Source: ZDNet

82. Percentage of people who will connect to any free WiFi service available to them. Source: Slashdot

89. Percentage of Germans who think France is a trustworthy partner. Source: Reddit

100,000. Estimated staff IBM terminated. An unknown percentage of these professionals were too old to make IBM hip again. Source: Bloomberg

$8.6 million. Amount Cisco Systems had to pay for selling a security product which was not secure. Source: DarkReading

106 million. Number of people whose personal details were stolen in the Capital One breach of an Amazon AWS system. Source: Washington Post

250 million. Number of email accounts stolen by trickbot. Source: Forbes

1 billion. Number of people who watch esports (online games). Source: Next Web

$4.769 trillion. The net worth of 13,650 Harvard grads. Source: MarketWatch

Stephen E Arnold, August 7, 2019


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