SEO: The Relevance Killer

August 26, 2019

The maker of the AWS-based email platform Send With SES vents some frustration in the post, “The Internet Is An SEO Landfill.” We could not agree more. The entrepreneur describes the advice they have received from SEO consultants, who suggest paying to flood the internet with thousands of unnecessary words about their simple and well-documented product. All to trick Google’s algorithm into elevating their site in search results because, of course, that is how one gets ahead in competitive fields these days. The author is as vexed as we are about this state of affairs; they write:

“Search Engines need some kind of validation to decide what’s popular. What better validation than gossip. And that’s what the internet has become. Full of gossip, junk content, paid posts, con articles, click bait links, sock-puppetry, spam, regurgitated spam, free e-books, self-aggrandizement, fake followers, fake news, – all designed to achieve one thing – con the Search Engine – and you.

We found this interesting as well:

“Don’t the makers of Search Engines know this? Of course they do. It’s just not in their interest to bring clarity. SEO Consultants are an unpaid [by search engines] army of evangelists who channel billions of dollars in ad revenue to Search Engines. Why would a Search Engine want to disown the evangelists when so much money is at stake!

We also noted this statement:

“SEO is easy money. It attracts the bottom feeders of the tech world. It’s easy to make a livelihood off of SEO. Why? Because it requires little skill. The startup costs are little. There’s a huge and easy market … lots of entrepreneurs who will grab at any straw of hope that promises to make their product more visible.”

Ouch! We are guessing the writer did not bite on any of their would-be SEO consultants’ pitches. If only every business would adopt this attitude, we could relegate junk content to the archives of history.

Cynthia Murrell, August 26, 2019


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