Google Does Podcasts Too

August 27, 2019

Everyone and his or her dog has a podcast, but the problem is you cannot find individual episodes in a search engine. Sure, you can go to individual Web sites, iTunes, or Anchor to track down specific episodes, but that requires a lot of searching and typing. Thankfully, Google has changed its search algorithm to be friendlier for individual podcast episodes. Tech Radar explains the news in the article, “Google Search Just Got Smarter At Finding Podcast Episodes.”

Now when people search for a podcast through Google, the podcast will appear in the search results along with a display carousel of individual episodes. Google is able to do this, because it is a direct result of natural language processing and artificial intelligence programming. Google’s AI department is hard at work developing the search engine’s ability to “understand what is being talked about” in search terms.

It might be a simple return on state of the art technology, but it proves how Google’s search algorithm is getting smarter.

While search results list the podcast and its individual episodes, there are still some limitations:

“You can’t currently listen to the podcast direct from the search results, it will instead click through to the Google Podcasts web app, but support for third-party apps and websites that may hold exclusive rights to a podcast will be supported in the future, greatly increasing the potential search results. The blog post also mentions that the tech giant will be bringing the same functionality to Google Assistant later in the year, as well as the dedicated Google Podcasts for web, from which you’ll be able to also listen directly to the episode from the search result.”

Will Google put podcasts in YouTube? That’s an original idea. So if you want to find your dog’s podcast, all you have to do is type it into Google and it will appear. That’s the theory at least.

Whitney Grace, August 27, 2019


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