Factualities for August 28, 2019

August 28, 2019

Summer is coming to an end. But the flow of undocumented, slightly crazy statistics continues.

Our crazy number of the week is:

33. Number of counts of theft and attempted theft leveled at Xoogler Anthony Levandowski, the self driving car wizard. Source: New York Times

Other factualities we noted are:

3. Number of unicorns in Japan. Source: Financial Times (pay walled, you lucky reader)

22. Number of regions for Amazon AWS’ 69 availability zones. (No, we don’t know what regions and zones are either.) Source: Infoq

70. The percentage of the total crypto market Bitcoin has. Source: Next Web

74. The percentage of streaming video sessions throttled by AT&T. Source: Engadget

2,000. Number of surveillance cameras from unauthorized vendors in use by the US government. Source: Forbes

4,100. Number of unsafe or recalled product listings on Amazon. Source: Arstechnica

20,000. Size of the police case backlog created after a cyber security firm found its cyber security system breached. Source: Inquirer

30,000. Number of devices US Customs and Border Patrol searched without a warrant in 2018. Source: TechCrunch

501,000. The number of “fewer jobs” the US has. We think this means, more people out of work or just chilling with their mobiles. Source: AP

21.6 million. The number of fake accounts Microsoft LinkedIn has block in the first six months of 2019. Source: Geekwire

57 million. Number of people in the US living with a disability. Are those mobile apps accessible? Source: Next Web

$100 million. Number of probable downloads of the malware dropper Android CamScanner from the Google Play Store. Source: Bleeping Computer

$150 million. Cost of electricity to power the new Cray super computer for five years. Source: The Next Platform

12 trillion. The number of transistors on a new chip specifically designed for artificial intelligence/machine learning. Slashdot

Stephen E Arnold, August 28, 2019


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