Skip the Nose Ring. Think Cyborg Implants

September 16, 2019

Ah, cyborgs! Cyborgs are the invention of science fiction, a combination of a human with robotic parts. Some people with artificial limbs with robotic components could be considered cyborgs. A full blown cyborg, however, is still in the future, but it is not that far away. Fast Company reports on one man’s dream to combine humans and machine: “Yuval Noah Harari: Humans Are On The Verge Of Merging With Machines.”

Harari spoke at the Fast Company European Innovation Festival in Milan about how humans and machines are closer than ever to becoming one. He pointed how Apple, Facebook, Google, and other technology companies created an online reality. Harari said that technology, such as a smartphone, will not be separated from a human body:

“If we are able to somehow merge these technologies with the human body—through chips in our brains or bodies—Harari says this would be the biggest revolution in all of human history. Throughout our existence as a species, we have always been able to manipulate our environment and create tools that make our lives better. But until now, we haven’t been able to manipulate ourselves.”

He makes another comparison between technology and magic, i.e. the technology of the present is the magic of the past. Harari does make a good argument that humans have already manipulated genetics and there are technologies like IVF. He does go on to insult Earth, but with climate change adapting to another environment is not a bad idea. Perhaps his most valid argument is that humans armed with their technological creations have a tendency to use them negatively.

Harari wants technology to improve human consciousness: our creativity, compassion, and spirituality. Good idea, but could it work? The negative usually trumps the bad, powered by money.

Whitney Grace, September 16, 2019


One Response to “Skip the Nose Ring. Think Cyborg Implants”

  1. Nannette on September 27th, 2019 5:41 pm

    That mentioned, the Switch isn’t a best game console.

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