Real Life Q and A for Information Access Allegedly Arrives

October 14, 2019

DarkCyber noted “Promethium Tool Taps Natural Language Processing for Analytics.” The write up, which may be marketing oriented, asserts:

software, called Data Navigation System, was designed to enable non-technical users to make complex SQL requests using plain human language and ease the delivery of data.

The company developing the system is Promethium, founded in 2018, may have delivered what users have long wanted: Ask the computer a question and get a usable, actionable answer. If the write up is accurate, Promethium has achieved with $2.5 million in funding a function that many firms have pursued.

The article reports:

After users ask a question, Promethium locates the data, demonstrates how it should be assembled, automatically generates the SQL statement to get the correct data and executes the query. The queries run across all databases, data lakes and warehouses to draw actionable knowledge from multiple data sources. Simultaneously, Promethium ensures that data is complete while identifying duplications and providing lineage to confirm insights. Data Navigation System is offered as SaaS in the public cloud, in the customer’s virtual private cloud or as an on-premises option.

More information is available at the firm’s Web site.

Stephen E Arnold, October 14, 2019


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