Oracle Not Performant: The Gloves Are Off

October 16, 2019

I read “Migration Complete – Amazon’s Consumer Business Just Turned off its Final Oracle Database.” The world’s largest online bookstore is free from the Oracle handcuffs. No more proprietary databases. It took Amazon decades to reach this point.

According to the write up, Oracle is not “performant.” I think that means “not as good as Amazon’s data management technology.” In other words, loser or more accurately “Fair game.”

Oracle does databases, and it also is in the data licensing business. Amazon may have designs on that sector as well, but with a distinct Amazon flavor: Amazon will focus on stream data and have its own proprietary data goodies to license and use in its proprietary data management systems.


Amazon data management solutions in their various forms. Question: Where does Amazon’s blockchain data management fit in this semi-helpful, mostly opaque diagram? Answer:  DynamoDB.

The write up states:

Over the years we realized that we were spending too much time managing and scaling thousands of legacy Oracle databases. Instead of focusing on high-value differentiated work, our database administrators (DBAs) spent a lot of time simply keeping the lights on while transaction rates climbed and the overall amount of stored data mounted. This included time spent dealing with complex & inefficient hardware provisioning, license management, and many other issues that are now best handled by modern, managed database services.

One might infer that this litany of woes are not part of the Amazon data management services. DarkCyber thinks the passage is more than a catalog of Oracle problems; it is the list of Amazon benefits generated with a bit of quick editing; for example, “keeping the lights on” is an Oracle problem. Amazon delivers “lights on operation”.

When will the Amazon Oracle challenger début. Look to the United Arab Emirates and maybe suburban Virginia.

Performant. What a word.

Stephen E Arnold, October 16, 2019


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