Microsoft Displays Its Amazon AWS Neutralizer

November 5, 2019

I read about Microsoft’s victory over the evil neighbor Amazon. What was Microsoft’s trump card, its AWS neutralizer, its technology innovation?

The answer may have appeared in “Microsoft Unveils Azure Arc, Aiming to Fend Off Google and Amazon with New Hybrid Cloud Tech.” Here’s the once closely-held diagram.


Like most AWS-hostile diagrams, it includes three features which customers like the Pentagon and other entities desire:

  1. The ability to integrate multiple clouds, on premises computers, and edge computers into one homogeneous system. (Latency? Don’t bring that up, please.)
  2. The Azure stack in one’s own computer center where it can be managed by an Azure-certified staff with the assistance of Azure-certified Microsoft partners. (Headcount implications. Don’t bring that up, please.)
  3. An Azure administrative system which provides a bird’s-eye view of the client’s Azure-centric system. (Permissions and access controls. Don’t bring that up, please.)

Microsoft has rolled out a comprehensive vision. The challenge is that Amazon and Google have similar visions.

Microsoft may want to check out Amazon’s security and access control technology. But that’s a minor point for a company which struggles to update Windows 10 without disabling user’s computers.

Great diagram though. Someone once observed, “The map is not the territory.” And then there is the increasingly relevant Argentinean writer Jorge Luis Borges who wrote:

Nothing is built on stone; All is built on sand, but we must build as if the sand were stone.

Borjes was a surrealist who could see societal trends despite his blindness.

Stephen E Arnold, November 4, 2019


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  1. David Pope on November 7th, 2019 11:05 am


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