LexisNexis: Expanding Its Cyber and Policeware Capabilities

February 10, 2020

LexisNexis, once holder of an exclusive with the New York Times, has been working to retain its government and commercial customer revenue. The cyber online business is booming, but legal information remains a difficult business. Lose a Top 50 US law firm as a client, and the canny marketers have to convert a couple of hundred smaller outfits. Why’s this sector difficult? Free or lower-cost legal content and Reed Elsevier’s principal competitor Thomson Reuters.

LexisNexis has not been standing still, but it has been chugging along in the cyber security sector and policeware markets for many years. Oh, you didn’t know? Well, LexisNexis marketing is on a par with Google’s ad group. That’s the creative team which delivered an ageing parent downer to a Super Bowl audience.

LexisNexis announce on February 2, 2020:

[Its] Risk Solutions, part of RELX, today announced it has entered into an agreement to acquire Emailage®, a global provider of fraud prevention and risk management solutions. Emailage will become a part of the Business Services group of LexisNexis Risk Solutions. Founded in 2012 and based in the Phoenix metro area with offices across the globe, Emailage helps organizations reduce online fraud by building multi-dimensional profiles associated with customer email addresses to render predictive risk scores.

DarkCyber interprets this a helping entities deal with phishing. The reference to predictive analytics is in line with other companies offering alert services.

We noted this statement from the new LexisNexis human resource:

Rei Carvalho, CEO of Emailage, said, “LexisNexis Risk Solutions is laser-focused on providing its customers a 360 degree view into an identity, which aligns with our mission to help customers who seek fast, low-friction, global digital identity fraud solutions to combat fraud without sacrificing consumer experience. We are thrilled to be recognized as a pioneer in email intelligence-based fraud risk scoring solutions and look forward to aligning our solutions to help organizations fight fraud on a more comprehensive level.”

The “360” references a customer’s ability to see “around” an issue, not from the point of view of other “360” cyber security vendors. LexisNexis has a large collection of content upon which to draw. Cyber security services could be a larger, more sustainable market than the pursuit of search licenses from law firms. There are many lawyers, but not many spend for online as they did in the good old days. Today’s clients often cap research fees. Fear and must have defense are more potent tools in the security sector than the glories of online search when an “answer” may not be found.

For information about this cluster of services, navigate to www.relx.com.

Stephen E Arnold, February 10. 2020


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