Google: Ever Amusing, Ever Innovative

April 3, 2020

Quick note about two Google services. (If you are a Googler, jump to another project, preferably one with traction.)

First, Google innovators are going to duplicate to some degree the TikTok approach to video. Hopefully the me too service will lack some of the Chinese craftsmanship. The world does need more 30 second videos, just with pre roll, in video, and post roll advertising. Why didn’t Google think of this ad inventory burner quicker? Right, “think.”

Second, Google has learned (finally) that the approach is tough to implement in India. (Google’s service is neighborly for a few months more.  The Google announced that it will keep its competitive service Neighbourly alive until October 2020, probably with a lone intern keeping the lights on. Like enterprise search, Neighbourly learned that some services require a bit more than Google imagining sales and sustainable revenue. (Hey, those payoff require work by someone.)

To sum up: One innovation arrives; another departs. So life goes for the Google. I was taught to spell neighborly without the stiff upper lip “u.” I know, I know. I am not neighborly and I don’t get the short video thing.

Stephen E Arnold, April 3, 2020


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