Smart Software: What Is Wrong?

April 8, 2020

We have the Google not solving death. We have the IBM Watson thing losing its parking spot at a Houston cancer center. We have a Department of Justice study reporting issues with predictive analytics. And, the supercomputer and their smart software have not delivered a solution to the coronavirus problem. Yep. What’s up?

Data Science: Reality Doesn’t Meet Expectations” explains some of the reasons. DarkCyber recommends this write up. The article provides seven reasons why the marketing fluff generated by  former art history majors for “bros” of different ilk are not delivering; to wit:

  1. People don’t know what “data science” does.
  2. Data science leadership is sorely lacking.
  3. Data science can’t always be built to specs.
  4. You’re likely the only “data person”
  5. Your impact is tough to measure — data doesn’t always translate to value
  6. Data & infrastructure have serious quality problems.
  7. Data work can be profoundly unethical. Moral courage required.

DarkCyber has nothing to add.

Stephen E Arnold, April 8, 2020


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