Search Engine Optimization: The Next Frontier Is Smart SEO

April 29, 2020

Content strategy plans are the most overlooked part of any Web site design and advertising campaign. Good content is integral to selling a product or a service, but not everyone is good at creating it. News Patrolling runs down the: “Best AI Tools For Content Marketing Strategy” and how AI is becoming an industry game changer.

Content is usually the first impression consumers have of companies. It is meant to engage the consumer, then:

“It serves as a tool to communicate with your audience. If you identify their pain points to provide them with a solution, they will trust you and be more interested in buying your offerings. The growth of your business depends on content strategy. It must be as effective as possible if you do not go downhill. Artificial intelligence can help you make an effective content marketing strategy. There are various tools to help you from targeting keywords to choosing the right topic. You will be surprised to know that AI tools can create a smarter content strategy by identifying the behaviour of users. Such software can help you increase revenues and reduce cost.”

The article recommends four content marketing software: Hubpost, Quill, Clearscope, and BrightEdge. Hubpost is advertised as using machine learning to help one get an edge on competition. The software analyzes keywords to discover what consumers want, then it clusters topics based on competition level.

Quill specializes in keyword optimization and generating quality content. Clearscope also optimizes content using keywords. It helps you generate keywords based on Google data and select the best keywords to use. Once you choose a keyword and write your post, Clearscope analyzes a post with other top-ranking posts.

BrightEdge is one integrated software solution that provides performance measurement, optimization, and keywords. It is described as a one-size-fits-all for content marketing strategies.

AI can provide insights into how to create the best content, but the most important part of a content strategy plan remains creative humans.

Yep, SEO is modernizing and automating methods to ensure that ad-supported Web search engines decide what matches a query. Precision, recall, and objectivity? Forget those irrelevant concepts.

Whitney Grace, April 29, 2020


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