Google Bert: Why Not Apply Method to Advertising?

September 17, 2020

DarkCyber noted  this story: “Google Accused of Allowing Scammers to Display Fake Adverts for Debt Help Online.” The main point is that questionable advertisements continue to appear for some Google users. Google needs advertising revenue to pay to keep the plumbing shipshape. Extra money is needed to fund noble projects like the Loon balloon and solving death.

Does Google have a potential solution?

Google Using Language AI Model to Match Stories with Fact Checks” raises the possibility that the company can. The write up reports:

Google is now leveraging BERT, one of its language AI models, in full coverage news stories to better match stories with fact checks and better understand what results are most relevant to the queries posted on Search. The more advanced AI-based systems like BERT-based language capabilities can understand more complex, natural-language queries.

But maybe not?

The article points out:

Google has more than 10,000 search quality raters, people who collectively perform millions of sample searches and rate the quality of the results.

DarkCyber thinks there may be another reason for faulty advertising screening.

That reason is money. Google needs cash and laying off people, automating, and fending off Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft is expensive. Maybe any advertising is judged differently from other types of content.

Stephen E Arnold, September 17, 2020


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