Mayflower Autonomous Ship Gets a Mate Named Watson

September 24, 2020

Christopher Columbus had to make do with mere humans when he sailed the oceans blue. The Mayflower Autonomous Ship or MAS has IBM Watson on board. The MAS is a maritime autonomous drone. Drones are subject to command and control hacking. Will the MAS be the target of this type of attack with bad actors running the ship into vacationers sailing into Zephyr Sailing’s Pandora at six knots? DarkCyber sincerely hopes that IBM Watson can operate at Jeopardy game show performance levels. We learned from “Mayflower Autonomous Ship Launches”:

MAS features an AI Captain built by ProMare and IBM developers which gives MAS the ability to sense, think and make decisions at sea with no human captain or onboard crew. The new class of marine AI is underpinned by IBM’s latest advanced edge computing systems, automation software, computer vision technology and Red Hat Open Source software.

The MAS operates with no human interventions. The ship includes more than 30 sensors and has a maximum speed of 10 knots. The software includes “IBM Visual Insights computer vision technology, IBM edge systems, IBM Operational Decision Manager automation software, IBM Maximo asset management software, and data from The Weather Company.”

Will the MAS be hacked by bad actors? Will the Level 5 drone operate without creating excitement for those in fishing boards, kayaks, and rentals like the Pandora? Watson, what say you? Also, how did that dog matching gig in Mexico work out? And what’s the next PR play from Big Blue?

Stephen E Arnold, September 24, 2020


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