Google: Small, Irrelevant Services?

October 26, 2020

I noted “Google Shuts Down Trusted Contacts App, Will End Support By December 1.” The idea is that a user can share his or her location during an emergency. No more. This service became available in 2016. Five years is a long time for the Google.

A possibly related announcement was reported in “Google Confirms the Nest Secure Has Been Discontinued”. The Android Police write up reports:

Google released the Nest Guard in 2017 as a simple security system with motion sensors and a keypad, but it never received an upgrade, even as other Nest devices were updated again and again. Google has now confirmed to Android Police that the Nest Guard is discontinued, though it will continue functioning.

Perhaps Google will find other security related products to terminate? A trend in the time of Rona? Social unrest, a pandemic, financial stress, and individuals lacking money for essentials – who needs security? Is there a way to hook advertising into home security?

Stephen E Arnold, October 26, 2020


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