Bang: Write Like a Stable Hemmingway

November 19, 2020

Do you want to write like Ernest Hemmingway? You can. Navigate to this link. Click on edit and be guided to the promised land of a famous author. You remember Mr. Hemmingway, right? The cats? The drinking? The poster with the word “Endurance” in big type. Big like a despairing fish.

I wrote this passage using the Hemingway app:

The App Is a Fish

Coders in distress. Improve communication. Land the fish. The sun blazed across my insight. The result? Blindness. Will it swim away? Will I remain in the dark like the creatures of the sea.

I clicked the button, a clean, sharp edged button. Here’s my score:


Grade 1. Smart software is fine, like a sword thrust through a bull on a hot afternoon in Madrid. Does that hurt, Jake?


Stephen E Arnold, November 19, 2020


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