The Mainframe Wants to Be Young Again

January 7, 2021

I know that the idea of a mainframe being young is not widespread. I am not certain that a TikTok video has been created to demonstrate the spring in the septuagenarian’s step. I learned about the mainframe’s most recent aspirations in “Big Mainframe Computing.” I noted this statement:

BMC is now aiming to help build what it (and everybody else in the industry) is calling the autonomous digital enterprise but putting the artificial intelligence (AI) in mAInframe. The company now refers to the joint BMC Automated Mainframe Intelligence (AMI) and Compuware portfolios… and this is the world of Ops plus AI = AIOps.

I quite like the realization that the letters “ai” appear in the word “mainframe.” From my perspective, innovations are chugging along. Companies like Apple, AMD, and nVidia are crafting solutions likely to create additional computing alternatives for “smart software.”

Would you pay to attend a ballet performed by the people in pharmaceutical advertisements on cable nightly news programs?

I know I would not because I am 77 and know that what was possible in the 1960s is a bit of a challenge.

Stephen E Arnold, January 7, 2021


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