IBM Acknowledges That Palantir Technologies Is Winning the Battle for Policeware and Intelware

February 9, 2021

I read “Palantir Surges on Deal to Offer Software through IBM.” Yep, the new IBM has apparently accepted reality: Its i2 Analysts Notebook products aren’t the powerhouses they were when Mike Hunter’s company was the go-to policeware and intelware product.

According to the “real” news outfit Bloomberg:

Palantir Technologies Inc. and International Business Machines Corp.are uniting in a partnership that will dramatically expand the reachof Palantir’s sales force while making IBM’s ownartificial-intelligence software easier for non-technical customers touse…

Why? The write up reveals:

Without providing a time frame, Thomas [IBM wizard] said he expects the partnershipto help boost IBM’s customers using AI to 80% from its current 20%. Palantir Chief Operating Officer Shyam Sankar said the technical fitwith IBM and its reach are part of his company’s long-term effort tofinally ramp sales. In addition to commercial customers, governmentcontracts have surged both in number and size during the pandemic. “This is the biggest [partnership] we’ve announced — expectmore,” Sankar said. He said he expects to triple Palantir’sdirect-sales team to about 100 this year, a significant hike for acompany whose management once prided itself on not employing a singlesalesperson.

A couple of minor points:

  • Anyone remember the litigation between Palantir and i2 about intellectual property? Of course not.
  • What Palantir executives were named in the i2 litigation? (This is a really good question by the way?)
  • Do the Palantir solutions generate really happy licensees?
  • How do the former i2 professionals perceive this tie up?
  • How will the deal impact Palantir’s present cloud services providers?

These are questions which “real” news entities do not ask or answer.

Stephen E Arnold, February 9, 2021


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