Google Wants to Do Better: Read These Two Articles for Context

June 10, 2021

You will need to read these two articles before you scan my observations.

The first write up is “How an Ex Googler Turned Artist Hacked Her Work to the Top of Search Results.” The is a case example of considerable importance, at least to me and my research team. The methods of word use designed to bond to Google’s internal receptors is the secret sauce of search engine optimization experts. But here is a Xoogler manipulating Google’s clueless methods.

The second article is “Google Seeks to Break Vicious Cycle of Online Slander.” Ignore the self praise of the Gray Lady. The main point is that Google is going to take action to deal with the way in which its exemplary smart software handles “slander.” The main point is that Google has been converted from do gooder to the digital equivalent of Hakan Ayik, the individual the Australian Federal Police converted into the ultimate insider. The similarity is important at least to me.

Don’t agree with my interpretation? No problem. Nevertheless, I will offer my observations:

First, after 20 years of obfuscation, it is clear that the fragility and exploitability of Google’s smart software is known to the author of “How an Ex Googler Turned Artist Hacked…”. Therefore, the knowledge of Google’s willful blind spots is not secret to about 100,000 full time equivalent Googlers.

Second, Google – instead of taking direct, immediate action – once again is doing the “ask forgiveness” thing with words of assurance. Actions speak louder than words. Maybe this time?

Third, neither of the referenced articles speaks bluntly and clearly about the danger mishandling of meaning poses. Forget big, glittery issues like ethics or democracy. Think manipulation and becloudization.

Stephen E Arnold, June 10, 2021


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