The New Dark Web: Innovation in the Middle Kingdom

July 9, 2021

Chinese actors have created an interesting spin when obfuscation is important. “China’s Dark Web Spawns a Hard-to-Crack Hacker Community” reports:

Dark websites in China are unique in two ways, according to SouthPlume, the Japanese agency for CNsecurity. First, Chinese hackers communicate with one another through local social media. This creates what amounts to a members-only organization that differs from the general darknet, where websites are accessed only through anonymizing browsers such as Tor. Chinese dark websites also lack the typical underground listings of drugs, weapons or child pornography. Instead, they mostly traffic in personal information and tips on hacking corporate sites, according to SouthPlume.

Is Tor the go-to system? i2p? Neither. The trick is to use social media. Worth watching.

Stephen E Arnold, July 9, 2021


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