Microsoft Percept: Perception in the Azure Cloud

July 13, 2021

Does your printer work? The printer is fine and our Apple Minis and laptops have zero problem generating hard copy. What about people joining a Teams meeting when those individuals are not 365 paying customers? Have you plugged in a second or third monitor and wondered where the icons went when using Windows 10? How is Windows Defender working for you since you received the Revil ransomware popup?

Ah, no solid answers. We don’t have any either. Windows 11 may address these trivial issues but the big repair job will arrive with Microsoft Percept. “Microsoft Aims to Expedite New Edge Computing Use Cases with Azure Percept” defines the bold new Star Trek-like innovation this way:

Azure Percept … is an end-to-end system for edge AI development and deployment that now works over 5G and LPWA as well.

Sound great to you? Beyond Search is not 100 percent convinced. We would be okay with better security within Microsoft software and a printer method which allows printers to print.

Microsoft seems to be more comfortable marketing than delivering software and systems which work as users expect. Microsoft software is in wide use. Cyber criminals rely on Microsoft’s door-wide-open methods. I suppose more bad actors would print out their zero days, exploits, and code snippets if their printers worked.

Stephen E Arnold, July 13, 2021


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