Glean: Another Enterprise Search Solution

October 12, 2021

Enterprise search features are interesting, but users accept it as an unavoidable tech problems like unfindable content and sluggish indexing.. A former Google engineering director recognized the problem when he started his own startup and Forbes article, “Glean Emerges from Stealth With $55 Million To Bring Search To The Enterprise” tells the story.

Arvind Jain cofounded the cloud data management company Rubrik and always had problems locating information. Rubrik is now worth $3.7 million, but Jain left and formed the new startup Glean with Google veterans Piyush Prahladka, Tony Gentilcore, and T.R. Vishwanath. The team have developed a robust enterprise search engine application from multiple applications. Glean has raised $55 million in funding.

Other companies like Algolia and Elastic addressed the same enterprise search problem, but they focused on search boxes on consumer-facing Web sites instead of working for employees. With more enterprise systems shifting to the cloud and SaaS, Glean’s search product is an invaluable tool. Innovations with deep learning also make Glean’s search product more intuitive and customizable for each user:

“On the user side, Glean’s software analyzes the wording of a search query—for example, it understands that “quarterly goals” or “Q1 areas of focus” are asking the same thing—and shows all the results that correspond to it, whether they are located in Salesforce, Slack or another of the many applications that a company uses. The results are personalized based on the user’s job. Using deep learning, Glean can differentiate personas, such as a salesperson from an engineer, and tailor recommendations based on the colleagues that a user interacts with most frequently.”

Will Glean crack the enterprise search code? Interesting question to which the answer is not yet known.

Whitney Grace, October 12, 2021


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