Novara: Why One Has to Buy Google Ads, Comply with Google Rules, and Embrace AMP

November 1, 2021

I read “How a Mistake by YouTube Shows Its Power over Media.” The write up is is sort of accurate. I learned:

Novara [a media outfit, not a province in Italy] had spent years using YouTube to attract more than 170,000 subscribers for its left-leaning coverage of issues like climate change, capitalism and social policy. Suddenly, and without warning, that powerful distribution tool was zapped — leaving people in the newsroom wondering how the organization could survive.

Okay, Alphabet (the outfit which is not to be confused with Google which is not to be confused with YouTube) deleted a content creator.

The New York Times is concerned. Keep in mind. This is the outfit which Google-izes its headlines in order to keep the Google clicks coming.

The New York Times’ story overlooks one key point: When Alphabet, Google, YouTube flexes its censorship muscles there is just one takeaway: If you are not in Google, you don’t exist.

What’s the fix? Buy Google ads.

Example: Novara. Others may be getting the same message. Buy Google ads. My hunch is that Google ad sales professionals and affiliates are delighted with the New York Times’ story because it is a compelling case for locking down a Google pointer.

Stephen E Arnold, November 1, 2021


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