Specialized Software Vendors: Should They Remember the Domino Theory?

December 15, 2021

Lining up dominoes, knocking one down, and watching the others in a line react to what some non-nuclear types call a chain reaction is YouTube fodder. One can watch geometric growth manifested in knocked down dominoes. Click here for the revelation. We may have some domino action in the specialized software and services market. This “specialized software and services” is my code word for developers of intelware and policeware.

US Calls for Sanctions against NSO Group and Other Spyware Firms” reports:

a group of politicians (including Senate Finance Committee chair Ron Wyden, House Intelligence Committee chair Adam Schiff and 16 other Democrats) accuses NSO and three other foreign surveillance firms of helping authoritarian governments to commit human rights abuses.

And what firms are the intended focus of this hoped for action? According to the write up, the companies are:

  1. Amesys (now called Nexa Technologies). This was a company which found purchase in some interesting countries bordering the Mediterranean, garnered some attention, and morphed into today’s organization.)
  2. DarkMatter (based in United Arab Emirates). This is an interesting outfit which has allegedly recruited in the US and possibly developed a super duper secure mobile device. The idea was to avoid surveillance. Right?
  3. Trovicor (based in Germany) once was allegedly a unit of Nokia Siemens Networks and is mentioned in a fiery write up called “Explosive Wikileaks Files Reveal Mass Interception of Entire Population.” That’s a grabber headline I suppose. True or false? I have zero idea but it illustrates the enthusiasm some evidence when realizing that interesting companies provide some unique services to their customers.

The reason for the hand waving is the publicity the NSO Group has inadvertently generated.

Will the knock on NSO Group have an impact on Amesys Nexa, DarkMatter, and Trovicor? Those YouTube videos may foreshadow what might happen if government officials look for the more interesting and more technologically advanced specialized software and services companies. Where can one find a list of such organizations? Perhaps the developer of the new OSINT service knows? Curious? Write darkcyber333 @ yandex dot com.

Stephen E Arnold, December 15, 2021


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