France Punches Its Googzilla-Type Pez Dispenser Again

January 6, 2022

Some government have figured out how to generate some cash. Target Facebook and Google. Fine them. Collect the money. This is a new spin on the Pez dispenser. Punch a lever and get a snack.


We could not locate an official Googzilla Pez dispenser. However, we spotted this creature from the Black Lagoon on the Antiques Navigator Web site here. The idea is to push a button and get a healthful, nutricious sugar pellet. The digital version requires a legal document finding the target guilty of an infraction. After some legal fancy dancing, the target pays the nation state. Efficient and fun. More EU states and Russia are fascinated with the digital Pez method.

The write up “Google, Facebook Face Big Private Fines in France” explains:

French data regulator the CNIL is set to fine Google €150 million and Facebook €60 million for violating EU privacy rules…. The CNIL will fine Google’s United States and Irish operations €90 million and €60,

France is not particularly worried about the opinion of nation states like Ireland.

But the point is that the approach yields cash, bad publicity for certain US technology outfits, and fees for lawyers. Yes, lawyers.

Punch that button? Sounds like a plan.

Stephen E Arnold, January 6, 2022


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