American Airlines Scores Points on the Guy

January 24, 2022

I read “American Airlines Suing the Points Guy Over App That Synchs Frequent Flyer Data.” I have tried to avoid flying. Too many hassles for my assorted Real ID cards, my US government super ID, and passengers who won’t follow rules as wonky as some may be.

The write up focuses on a travel tips sites which “lets users track airline miles from multiple airlines in one place.” The article is interesting and includes some interesting information; for example, consider this statement in the write up:

“Consumers are always in control of their own data on The Points Guy App — they decide which loyalty programs and credit cards are accessible for the purpose of making their points-and-miles journey easier,” The Points Guy founder Brian Kelly said in a statement emailed to The Verge. The site is “choosing to fight back against American Airlines on behalf of travelers to protect their rights to access their points and miles so they can travel smarter,” he added.

The write up includes a legal document in one of those helpful formats which make access on a mobile device pretty challenging for a 77 year old.

As wonderful as the write up is, I noticed one point (not the Guy’s) I would have surfaced; namely, “Why is it okay for big companies to federate and data mine user information but not okay for an individual consumer/customer?”

The reason? We are running the show. Get with it or get off and lose your points. Got that, Points Guy?

Stephen E Arnold, January 24, 2022


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