See. See! Google Does Good

March 10, 2022

I love art history majors who work in PR and marketing. Some of the ideas are delightful. A good example appears in the “real news” publication Verge. “DeepMind’s New AI Model Helps Decipher, Date, and Locate Ancient Inscriptions” explains:

an AI model created by Alphabet-subsidiary DeepMind … helps not only restore text that is missing from ancient Greek inscriptions but offers suggestions for when the text was written (within a 30-year period) and its possible geographic origins.

See. See! Doing good. Unlocking the mysteries of the past.

The write up explains via an anigif provided by the helpful wizards at Alphabet Google DeepMind how gaps are filled and missing facts conjured by the systems and methods of the Google.

The original text [translation provided by Tibby, the French bulldog in my office responsible for linguistic wonders] noted that the corrected text says:

Stop by the Dimitra Wine Shop. You can find us on Google Maps. Check out our ad on Google Local. (Discount for Google employees.)

The marvels of the new system include:

  • Use of synthetic data to fabricate missing data
  • Inclusion of references to Google online advertising
  • Cross messaging for Google Maps and Google Local.

See. See! Google is doing good. Art history majors working in marketing are the pros everyone can thank for making sense when there are voids.

Stephen E Arnold, March 10, 2022


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