Dashworks Promises To Be The Best Enterprise Search System

March 16, 2022

Search not only remains a fundamental component of working environments, but also daily life. Quickly locating information is essential, but if a search engine low quality results it clogs up routines. TechCrunch dives into the background of a robust enterprise search system: “Dashworks Is A Search Engine For Your Company’s Sprawling Internal Knowledge.”

Dashworks promises to be a comprehensive search system that scours everything from Slack threads to Dropbox files. It wants to be an organization’s one stop search solution for internal knowledge through one centralized hub. While its homepage is helpful with FAQs and bookmarks, its cross-tool search is the real selling feature:

“More impressive, though, is its cross-tool search. With backgrounds in natural language processing at companies like Facebook and Cresta, co-founders Prasad Kawthekar and Praty Sharma are building a tool that allows you to ask Dashworks questions and have them answered from the knowledge it’s gathered across all of those aforementioned Slack threads, or Jira tickets, or Dropbox files. It’ll give you a search results page of relevant files across the services you’ve hooked in — but if it thinks it knows the answer to your question, it’ll just bubble that answer right to the top of the page, Google Snippets style.”

Dashworks is compatible with over thirty popular services and more are being added all the time. Dashworks does require access to all the services, devices, and applications within an organization, which might be alarming but necessary for cross-tool search.

Dashworks is an excellent idea, but if an employee uses their own device will it engage with platforms that should remain personal? But a promise? Hmmm.

Whitney Grace, March 16, 2022


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