Enterprise Search Vendors: Sure, Some Are Missing But Does Anyone Know or Care?

April 20, 2022

I came across a site called Software Suggest and its article “Coveo Enterprise Search Alternatives.” Wow. What’s a good word for bad info?

The system generated 29 vendors in addition to Coveo. The options were not in alphabetical order or any pattern I could discern. What outfits are on the list? Here are the enterprise search vendors for February 2022, the most recent incarnation of this list. My comments are included in parentheses for each system. By the way, an alternative is picking from two choices. This is more correctly labeled “options.” Just another indication of hippy dippy information about information retrieval.

AddSearch (Web site search which is not enterprise search)

Algolia (a publicly trade search company hiring to reinvent enterprise search just as Fast Search & Transfer did more than a decade ago)

Bonsai.io (another Eleasticsearch repackager)

Coveo (no info, just a plea for comments)

C Searcher(from HNsoft in Portugal. desktop search last updated in 2018 according to the firm’s Web site)

CTX Search (the expired certificate does bode well)

Datafari (maybe open source? chat service has no action since May 2021)

Expertrec Search Engine (an eCommerce solution, not an enterprise search system)

Funnelback (the name is now Squiz. The technology Australian)

Galaktic (a Web site search solution from Taglr, an eCommerce search service)

IBM Watson (yikes)

Inbenta (A Catalan outfit which shapes its message to suit the purchasing climate)

Indica Enterprise Search (based in the Netherlands but the name points to a cannabis plant)

Intrasearch (open source search repackaged with some spicy AI and other buzzwords)

Lateral (the German company with an office in Tasmania offers an interface similar to that of Babel Street and Geospark Analytics for an organization’s content)

Lookeen (desktop search for “all your data”. All?)

OnBase ECM (this is a tricky one. ISYS Search sold to Lexmark. Lexmark sold to Highland. Highland appears to be the proud possessor of ISYS Search and has grafted it to an enterprise content management system)

OpenText (the proud owner of many search systems, including Tuxedo and everyone’s fave BRS Search)

Relevancy Platform (three years ago, Searchspring Relevancy Platform was acquired by Scaleworks which looks like a financial outfit)

Sajari (smart site search for eCommerce)

SearchBox Search (Elasticsearch from the cloud)

Searchify (a replacement for Index Tank. who?)

SearchUnify (looks like a smart customer support system, a pitch used by Coveo and others in the sector)

Site Search 360 (not an enterprise search solution in my opinion)

SLI Systems (eCommerce search, not enterprise search, but I could be off base here)

Team Search (TransVault searches Azure Tenancy set ups)

Wescale (mobile eCommerce search)

Wizzy (the name is almost as interesting as the original Purple Yogi system and another eCommerce search system)

Wuha (not as good a name as Purple Yogi. A French NLP search outfit)

X1 Search (from Idea Labs, X1 is into eDiscovery and search)

This is quite an incomplete and inconsistent list from Software Suggest. It is obvious that there is considerable confusion about the meaning of “enterprise search.” I thought I provided a useful definition in my book “The Landscape of Enterprise Search,” published by Panda Press a decade ago. The book, like me, is not too popular or well known. As a result, the blundering around in eCommerce search, Web site search, application specific search, and enterprise search is painful. Who cares? No one at Software Suggest I posit.

My hunch is that this is content marketing for Coveo. Just a guess, however.

Stephen E Arnold, April xx, 2022


One Response to “Enterprise Search Vendors: Sure, Some Are Missing But Does Anyone Know or Care?”

  1. Cedric Ulmer on May 5th, 2022 6:38 am

    Hi Stephen,

    some clarification about Datafari since you are mentioning it: yes, Datafari is open source, and we have a business model with a freemium approach: there is a Community Edition available with an Apache v2 licence, and an Enterprise Edition which is proprietary and brings along additional functionalities such as respecting the access rights of documents (to show users in their search results list only what they are allowed to see in the sources).

    As for the “chat service has no action since May 2021”, not sure what it means, but if you give me a pointer I’ll make sure this gets up to date !



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